Validate the migration - Database Migration Guide
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Validate the migration

Amazon DMS performs data validation to confirm that your data successfully migrated the source database to the target. You can check the Table statistics page to determine the DML changes that occurred after the Amazon DMS task started. During data validation, Amazon DMS compares each row in the source with its corresponding row at the target, and verifies that those rows contain the same data. To accomplish this, Amazon DMS issues the appropriate queries to retrieve the data.

After your data is loaded successfully, you can select your task on the Amazon DMS page and choose Table statistics to show statistics about your migration. The following screen shot shows the Table statistics page and its relevant entries.

The following screenshot shows the table statics page and its relevant entries.

            Table statistics

Amazon DMS can validate the data between source and target engines. The Validation state column helps us to validate the data migration. This ensures that your data was migrated accurately from the source to the target.