Create an Amazon DMS replication instance - Database Migration Guide
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Create an Amazon DMS replication instance

To perform replication in Amazon DMS, you need a replication instance.

  1. Open the Amazon DMS console at

  2. In the navigation pane, choose Replication instances.

  3. Choose Create replication instance and enter the following information:

    • For Name, enter mongodb2docdb.

    • For Description, enter MongoDB to Amazon DocumentDB replication instance.

    • For Instance class, keep the default value.

    • For Engine version, keep the default value.

    • For VPC, choose your default VPC.

    • For Multi-AZ, choose No.

    • For Publicly accessible, enable this option.

    When the settings are as you want them, choose Create replication instance.


You can begin using your replication instance when its status becomes available. This can take several minutes.