Step 4: Test the Connectivity to the Amazon Redshift Database - Database Migration Guide
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Step 4: Test the Connectivity to the Amazon Redshift Database

Next, test your connection to your Amazon Redshift database.

  1. In SQL Workbench/J, choose File, then choose Connect window. Choose the Create a new connection profile icon. Connect to the Amazon Redshift database in SQL Workbench/J by using the information shown following.

    Parameter Action

    New profile name

    Enter RedshiftConnection.


    Choose Redshift (


    Use the RedshiftJDBCConnectionString value you recorded when you examined the output details of the DMSdemo stack in a previous step.


    Enter redshiftadmin.


    Enter Redshift#123.

  2. Test the connection by choosing Test. Choose OK to close the dialog box, then choose OK to create the connection profile.

    Connecting to the Amazon Redshift DB instance

    If your connection is unsuccessful, ensure that the IP address you assigned when creating the Amazon CloudFormation template is the one you are attempting to connect from. This issue is the most common one when trying to connect to an instance.

  3. Verify your connectivity to the Amazon Redshift DB instance by running a sample SQL command, such as select current_date;.