Step 3: Create an Amazon DMS Source Endpoint - Database Migration Guide
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Step 3: Create an Amazon DMS Source Endpoint

After you configured the Amazon Database Migration Service (Amazon DMS) replication instance and the source Amazon RDS for SQL Server instance, ensure connectivity between these two instances. To ensure that the replication instance can access the server and the port for the database, make changes to the relevant security groups and network access control lists. For more information about your network configuration, see Setting up a network for a replication instance.

After you completed the network configurations, you can create a source endpoint.

To create a source endpoint, do the following:

  1. Open the Amazon DMS console at

  2. Choose Endpoints.

  3. Choose Create endpoint.

  4. On the Create endpoint page, enter the following information.

    For This Parameter Do This

    Endpoint type

    Choose Source endpoint, turn on Select RDS DB instance, and choose datalake-source-db RDS instance.

    Endpoint identifier

    Enter datalake-source-db.

    Source engine

    Choose Microsoft SQL Server.

    Access to endpoint database

    Choose Provide access information manually.

    Server name

    Enter the database server name on Amazon RDS.


    Enter 1433.

    Secure Socket Layer (SSL) mode

    Choose none.

    User name

    Enter dms_user.


    Enter the password that you created for the dms_user user.

    Database name

    Enter AdventureWorks.

  5. Choose Create endpoint.


To migrate a Microsoft SQL Server Always On database, you need to use different configurations. For more information, see Migrating a SQL Server Always On Database to Amazon Web Services.