Step 4: Create a Target Amazon S3 Bucket - Database Migration Guide
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Step 4: Create a Target Amazon S3 Bucket

Before you create the target endpoint, you create an Amazon S3 bucket for the target data lake.

To create the Amazon S3 bucket, do the following:

  1. Sign in to the Amazon Web Services Management Console, and open the Amazon S3 console.

  2. Choose Create bucket.

  3. For Bucket name, enter s3-datalake.

  4. For Amazon Region, choose the region that hosts your Amazon DMS replication instance.

  5. Keep the default values in the other fields and choose Create bucket.

You can also plan to optimize the storage cost from Amazon S3 using Intelligent-Tiering and Lifecycle policies when storing huge volume of data.

Now, you have the Amazon S3 bucket for your data lake. Next, you can create a target endpoint for this bucket.