Next Steps - Database Migration Guide
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Next Steps

After you migrate your SQL Server database to Aurora PostgreSQL using DMS Schema Conversion, you can explore several other resources:

After you’ve finished using DMS Schema Conversion, clean up your resources. Amazon terminates the schema conversion instance that your migration project uses in three days after you complete the conversion. You can retrieve your converted schema and assessment report from the Amazon S3 bucket that you use for DMS Schema Conversion. However, you need to terminate other resources manually.

To clean up your DMS Schema Conversion resources

  • Sign in to the Amazon Web Services Management Console and open the Amazon DMS console.

  • In the navigation pane, choose Migration projects, and then choose your migration project. Choose Schema conversion, and then choose Stop schema conversion. Choose Delete and confirm your choice.

  • Choose Instance profiles, and then choose sc-instance. Choose Delete and confirm your choice.

  • Choose Data providers, and then select sc-sql-server and sc-postgresql. Choose Delete and confirm your choice.

Also, make sure that you delete your Amazon S3 bucket, database secrets in Amazon Secrets Manager, IAM roles, and virtual private cloud (VPC).