Getting started with Amazon Database Migration Service - Amazon Database Migration Service
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Getting started with Amazon Database Migration Service

In the following tutorial, you can find out how to perform a database migration with Amazon Database Migration Service (Amazon DMS).

To perform a database migration, take the following steps:

  1. Set up your Amazon account by following the steps in Setting up for Amazon Database Migration Service.

  2. Create your sample databases and an Amazon EC2 client to populate your source database and test replication. Also, create a virtual private cloud (VPC) based on the Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (Amazon VPC) service to contain your tutorial resources. To create these resources, follow the steps in Prerequisites for Amazon Database Migration Service.

  3. Populate your source database using a sample database creation script.

  4. Use DMS Schema Conversion or the Amazon Schema Conversion Tool (Amazon SCT) to convert the schema from the source database to the target database. To use DMS Schema Conversion, follow the steps in Getting started with DMS Schema Conversion. To convert the schema with Amazon SCT, follow the steps in Migrate schema.

  5. Create a replication instance to perform all the processes for the migration. To do this and the following tasks, take the steps in Replication.

  6. Specify source and target database endpoints. For information about creating endpoints, see Creating source and target endpoints.

  7. Create a task to define what tables and replication processes you want to use, and start replication. For information about creating database migration tasks, see Creating a task.

  8. Verify that replication is working by running queries on the target database.