Amazon DMS Serverless limitations - Amazon Database Migration Service
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Amazon DMS Serverless limitations

Amazon DMS Serverless has the following limitations:

  • You can only modify an Amazon DMS replication configuration that is in the CREATED, STOPPED, or FAILED states. For details about which settings you can change under which conditions, see Modifying Amazon DMS serverless replications.

  • You can only delete an Amazon DMS replication configuration that is in the STOPPED, or FAILED states.

  • A static 100GB allocated storage is available for a replication. If your replication uses more memory than this, due to requirements such as long-running transactions or caching, we recommend that you partition your workload into separate serverless replications. You can partition your workload by table, or by requirement, such as by putting all replication involving LOBs into a separate serverless replication.

  • Unlike replication instances, Amazon DMS Serverless replications do not have a public IP address for management tasks. You manage serverless replications using the console.

  • This release of Amazon DMS serverless does not support all the source and target endpoint types that Amazon DMS standard supports. For a list of supported engine types, see Amazon DMS Serverless components.

  • Serverless replications need to access dependencies by using VPC endpoints. You must use VPC endpoints to access the following endpoint types:

    • Amazon Amazon S3

    • Amazon Kinesis

    • Amazon Secrets Manager

    • Amazon DynamoDB

    • Amazon Redshift

    • Amazon OpenSearch Service

    For information about setting up VPC endpoints, see Configuring VPC endpoints as Amazon DMS source and target endpoints.

  • Amazon DMS serverless doesn't support views with selection and transformation rules.

  • Amazon DMS serverless doesn't support using Amazon customer managed keys. Amazon DMS serverless only supports using the default DMS key. For more information, see Data protection in Amazon Database Migration Service.

  • DMS Serverless doesn't support SSL connections for DB2 endpoints.