Using Google Cloud for MySQL as a source for Amazon DMS - Amazon Database Migration Service
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Using Google Cloud for MySQL as a source for Amazon DMS

With Amazon DMS, you can use Google Cloud for MySQL as a source in much the same way as you do MySQL.

For information about versions of GCP MySQL that Amazon DMS supports as a source, see Sources for Amazon DMS.

For more information, see Using a MySQL-compatible database as a source for Amazon DMS.


Support for GCP MySQL 8.0 as a source is available in Amazon DMS version 3.4.6.

Amazon DMS doesn't support the SSL mode verify-full for GCP for MySQL instances.

The GCP MySQL security setting Allow only SSL connections isn't supported, because it requires both server and client certificate verification. Amazon DMS only supports server certificate verification.

Amazon DMS supports the default GCP CloudSQL for MySQL value of CRC32 for the binlog_checksum database flag.