Using OCI MySQL Heatwave as a source for Amazon DMS - Amazon Database Migration Service
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Using OCI MySQL Heatwave as a source for Amazon DMS

With Amazon DMS, you can use OCI MySQL Heatwave as a source in much the same way as you do MySQL. Using OCI MySQL Heatwave as a source requires a few additional configuration changes.

For information about versions of OCI MySQL Heatwave that Amazon DMS supports as a source, see Sources for Amazon DMS.

Setting up OCI MySQL Heatwave for logical replication

To configure your OCI MySQL Heatwave instance as a source endpoint for DMS, do the following:

  1. Sign in to OCI Console, and open the main hamburger menu (≡) in the top left corner.

  2. Choose Databases, DB Systems.

  3. Open the Configurations menu.

  4. Choose Create configuration.

  5. Enter a configuration name, such as dms_configuration.

  6. Choose the shape of your current OCI MySQL Heatwave instance. You can find the shape on the instance's DB system configuration properties tab under the DB system configuration:Shape section.

  7. In the User variables section, choose the binlog_row_value_options system variable. Its default value is PARTIAL_JSON. Clear the value.

  8. Choose the Create button.

  9. Open your OCI MySQLHeatwave instance, and choose the Edit button.

  10. In the Configuration section, choose the Change configuration button, and choose the shape configuration that you created in step 4.

  11. Once the changes take effect, your instance is ready for logical replication.