Using the Time Travel logs - Amazon Database Migration Service
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Using the Time Travel logs

Time Travel log files are comma-separated value (CSV) files with the fields following.

log_timestamp component dms_source_code_location transaction_id event_id event_timestamp lsn/scn primary_key record_type event_type schema_name table_name statement action result raw_data

After your Time Travel logs are available in S3, you can directly access and query them with tools such as Amazon Athena. Or you can download the logs as you can any file from S3.

The example following shows a Time Travel log where transactions for a table called mytable are logged. The line endings for the following log are added for readability.

"log_timestamp ","tt_record_type","dms_source_code_location ","transaction_id", "event_id","event_timestamp","scn_lsn","primary_key","record_type","event_type", "schema_name","table_name","statement","action","result","raw_data" "2021-09-23T01:03:00:778230","SOURCE_CAPTURE","postgres_endpoint_wal_engine.c:00819", "609284109","565612992","2021-09-23 01:03:00.765321+00","00000E9C/D53AB518","","DML", "UPDATE (3)","dmstest","mytable","","Migrate","","table dmstest.mytable: UPDATE: id[bigint]:2244937 phone_number[character varying]:'phone-number-482' age[integer]:82 gender[character]:'f' isactive[character]:'true ' date_of_travel[timestamp without time zone]:'2021-09-23 01:03:00.76593' description[text]:'TEST DATA TEST DATA TEST DATA TEST DATA'"