Reloading tables during a task - Amazon Database Migration Service
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Reloading tables during a task

While a task is running, you can reload a target database table using data from the source. You might want to reload a table if, during the task, an error occurs or data changes due to partition operations (for example, when using Oracle). You can reload up to 10 tables from a task.

Reloading tables does not stop the task.

To reload a table, the following conditions must apply:

  • The task must be running.

  • The migration method for the task must be either full load or full load with CDC.

  • Duplicate tables aren't allowed.

  • Amazon DMS retains the previously read table definition and doesn't recreate it during the reload operation. Any DDL statements such as ALTER TABLE ADD COLUMN or DROP COLUMN that are made to the table before the table is reloaded can cause the reload operation to fail.


DMS applies the TargetTablePrepMode setting before reloading the table. If you set TargetTablePrepMode to DO_NOTHING, you must manually truncate the table first.

Amazon Web Services Management Console

To reload a table using the Amazon DMS console
  1. Sign in to the Amazon Web Services Management Console and open the Amazon DMS console at

    If you are signed in as an IAM user, make sure that you have the appropriate permissions to access Amazon DMS. For more information about the permissions required, see IAM permissions needed to use Amazon DMS.

  2. Choose Tasks from the navigation pane.

  3. Choose the running task that has the table you want to reload.

  4. Choose the Table Statistics tab.

    Amazon DMS monitoring
  5. Choose the table you want to reload. If the task is no longer running, you can't reload the table.

  6. Choose Reload table data.

When Amazon DMS is preparing to reload a table, the console changes the table status to Table is being reloaded.