Creating a database migration assessment report - Amazon Database Migration Service
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Creating a database migration assessment report

After you create a migration project, use the following procedure to create a database migration assessment report.

To create a database migration assessment report
  1. Sign in to the Amazon Web Services Management Console and open the Amazon DMS console at

  2. Choose Migration projects. The Migration projects page opens.

  3. Choose your migration project, and then choose Schema conversion.

  4. Choose Launch schema conversion. The Schema conversion page opens.

  5. In the source database pane, choose the database schema or schema items that you want to assess. To include multiple objects in the report, make sure that you select all items.

  6. After you select the check boxes for all schema objects that you want to assess, you must choose the parent node for the selected objects. The Actions menu in the source database pane is now available.

  7. Choose Assess in the Actions menu. A confirmation dialog box appears.

  8. Choose Assess in the dialog box to confirm your choice.