Creating data providers in Amazon Database Migration Service - Amazon Database Migration Service
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Creating data providers in Amazon Database Migration Service

You can create data providers and use them in Amazon DMS migration projects. Your data provider can be a self-managed engine running on-premises or on an Amazon EC2 instance. Also, your data provider can be a fully managed engine, such as Amazon Relational Database Service (Amazon RDS) or Amazon Aurora.

For each database, you can create a single data provider. You can use a single data provider in multiple migration projects.

Before creating a migration project, make sure that you have created at least two data providers. One of your data providers must be on an Amazon Web Service. You can't use Amazon DMS to convert your schemas or migrate your data to an on-premises database.

The following procedure shows you how to create data providers in the Amazon DMS console wizard.

To create a data provider
  1. Sign in to the Amazon Web Services Management Console, then open the Amazon DMS console at

  2. Choose Data providers. The Data providers page opens.

  3. Choose Create data provider. The following table describes the settings.

    Option Action

    Choose whether to enter the information about your data provider manually or to use the Amazon RDS DB instance.


    Enter a name for your data provider. Make sure that you use a unique name for your data provider so that you can easily identify it.

    Engine type

    Choose the type of the database engine for your data provider.

    Server name

    Enter the Domain Name Service (DNS) name or IP address of your database server.


    Enter the port used to connect to your database server.

    Service ID (SID) or service name

    Enter the Oracle System ID (SID). To find the Oracle SID, submit the following query to your Oracle database:

    SELECT sys_context('userenv','instance_name') AS SID FROM dual;
    Database name

    Enter the name of the database for this data provider.

    Secure Socket Layer (SSL) mode

    Choose an SSL mode if you want to turn on connection encryption for this data provider. Depending on the mode that you select, you might need to provide certificate and server certificate information. For further details, see Using SSL with Amazon Database Migration Service.

  4. Choose Create data provider.

After you create a data provider, make sure that you add database connection credentials in Amazon Secrets Manager.