Creating a data collector for Amazon DMS Fleet Advisor - Amazon Database Migration Service
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Creating a data collector for Amazon DMS Fleet Advisor

Learn how to create and download a DMS data collector.

Before you create a data collector, use the IAM console to create a service-linked role for DMS Fleet Advisor. This role allows principals to publish metric data points to Amazon CloudWatch. DMS Fleet Advisor uses this role to display charts with database metrics. For more information, see Creating a service-linked role for Amazon DMS Fleet Advisor.

To create and download a data collector
  1. Sign in to the Amazon Web Services Management Console and open the Amazon DMS console at

    Choose the Region where you use the DMS Fleet Advisor.

  2. In the navigation pane, choose Data collectors under Discover. The Data collectors page opens.

  3. Choose Create data collector. The Create data collector page opens.

                        Create data collector page.
  4. For Name in the General configuration section, enter a name of your data collector.

  5. In the Connectivity section, choose Browse S3. Choose the Amazon S3 bucket that you preconfigured from the list that appears.

    Amazon DMS stores your DMS Fleet Advisor inventory metadata in this S3 bucket. Make sure that your Amazon S3 bucket is in the same Amazon Web Services Region where your Amazon DMS Fleet Advisor is currently running.

  6. In the list of IAM roles, choose the IAM role that you preconfigured from the list that appears. This role grants Amazon DMS permissions to access the specified Amazon S3 bucket.

  7. Choose Create data collector. The Data collectors page opens and the created data collector appears in the list.

    When creating your first data collector, Amazon DMS configures an environment in your Amazon S3 bucket that formats data and stores attributes for use with DMS Fleet Advisor.

  8. Choose Download local collector on the information banner to download your newly created data collector. A message informs you that the download is in progress. After the download has finished, you can access the AWS_DMS_Collector_Installer_version_number.msi file.

You can now install the DMS data collector on your client. For more information, see Installing and configuring a data collector.