Using a schema inventory for analysis - Amazon Database Migration Service
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Using a schema inventory for analysis

You can view a list of database schemas discovered on servers within your network from which the data was collected. Perform the following procedure.

To view a list of schemas on your network servers that data was collected from
  1. Choose Inventory on the console. The Inventory page opens.

  2. Choose the Schemas tab. A list of schemas appears.

  3. Select a schema in the list to view information about it, including server, database, size, and complexity.

    For each schema, you can view an object summary that provides information about object types, number of objects, object size, and lines of code.

  4. (Optional) Choose Analyze inventories to identify duplicate schemas. DMS Fleet Advisor analyzes database schemas to define the intersection of their objects.

  5. You can export inventory information to a .csv file for further review.

Schema Inventory.

To identify schemas to migrate and determine the migration target, you can use Amazon Schema Conversion Tool (Amazon SCT) or DMS Schema Conversion. For more information, see Using a new project wizard in Amazon SCT.

After you have identified schemas to migrate, you can convert schemas using Amazon SCT or DMS Schema Conversion. For more information about DMS Schema Conversion, see Converting database schemas using DMS Schema Conversion.