Using SSL with Amazon DMS Fleet Advisor - Amazon Database Migration Service
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Using SSL with Amazon DMS Fleet Advisor

To protect your data, Amazon DMS Fleet Advisor can use SSL to access your databases.

Supported databases

Amazon DMS Fleet Advisor supports using SSL to access following databases:

  • Microsoft SQL Server

  • MySQL

  • PostgreSQL

Setting up SSL

To use SSL to access your database, configure your database server to support SSL. For more information, see the following documentation for your database:

To use SSL to connect to your database, select Trust server certificate and Use SSL when adding a server manually. For a MySQL database, you can use a custom certificate. To use a custom certificate, select the Verify CA check box. For information about adding a server, see Managing monitored objects.

Checking the Server Certificate Authority (CA) Certificate for SQL Server

If you want to validate your Server Certificate Authority (CA) Certificate for SQL Server, then clear Trust server certificate when you add the server. If your server uses a well-known CA, and the CA is installed by default on your OS, then verification should work normally. If DMS Fleet Advisor can't connect to your database server, install the CA certificate that your database server uses. For more information, see Configure client.