Step 3: Create a migration project - Amazon Database Migration Service
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Step 3: Create a migration project

Now you can create a migration project. In the migration project, you specify your source and target data providers, and your instance profile.

To create a migration project
  1. Choose Migration projects, and then choose Create migration project.

  2. For Name, enter a unique name for your migration project. For example, enter sc-project.

  3. For Instance profile, choose sc-instance.

  4. For Source, choose Browse, and then choose sc-source.

  5. For Secret ID, choose sc-source-secret.

  6. For IAM role, choose sc-secrets-manager-role.

  7. For Target, choose Browse, and then choose sc-target.

  8. For Secret ID, choose sc-target-secret.

  9. For IAM role, choose schema-conversion-role.

  10. Choose Create migration project.