Managing migration projects in DMS Schema Conversion - Amazon Database Migration Service
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Managing migration projects in DMS Schema Conversion

After you create an instance profile and compatible data providers for schema conversion, create a migration project. For more information, see Creating migration projects.

To use this new project in DMS Schema Conversion, on the Migration projects page, choose your project from the list. Next, on the Schema conversion tab, choose Launch schema conversion.

The first launch of DMS Schema Conversion requires some setup. Amazon Database Migration Service (Amazon DMS) starts a schema conversion instance, which takes up to 15 minutes. This process also reads the metadata from the source and target databases. After a successful first launch, you can access DMS Schema Conversion faster.

Amazon terminates the schema conversion instance that your migration project uses in three days after you complete the project. You can retrieve your converted schema and assessment report from the Amazon S3 bucket that you use for DMS Schema Conversion.

Specifying migration project settings for DMS Schema Conversion

After you create your migration project and launch schema conversion, you can specify migration project settings. You can change conversion settings to improve the performance of converted code. Also, you can customize your schema conversion view.

Conversion settings depend on your source and target database platforms. For more information, see Creating source data providers and Creating target data providers.

To specify what schemas and databases you want to see in the source and target database panes, use the tree view settings. You can hide empty schemas, empty databases, system databases, and user-defined databases or schemas.

To hide databases and schemas in tree view
  1. Sign in to the Amazon Web Services Management Console and open the Amazon DMS console at

  2. Choose Migration projects. The Migration projects page opens.

  3. Choose your migration project, and on the Schema conversion tab choose Launch schema conversion.

  4. Choose Settings. The Settings page opens.

  5. In the Tree view section, do the following:

    • Choose Hide empty schemas to hide empty schemas.

    • Choose Hide empty databases to hide empty databases.

    • For System databases or schemas, choose system databases and schemas by name to hide them.

    • For User-defined databases or schemas, enter the names of user-defined databases and schemas that you want to hide. Choose Add. The names are case-insensitive.

      To add multiple databases or schemas, use a comma to separate their names. To add multiple objects with a similar name, use the percent (%) as a wildcard. This wildcard replaces any number of any symbols in the database or schema name.

    Repeat these steps for the Source and Target sections.

  6. Choose Apply, and then choose Schema conversion.