Performance Insights for counter metrics - Amazon DocumentDB
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Performance Insights for counter metrics

Counter metrics are operating system metrics in the Performance Insights dashboard. To help identify and analyze performance problems, you can correlate counter metrics with DB load.

Performance Insights operating system counters

The following operating system counters are available with DocumentDB Performance Insights.

Counter Type Metric
active memory
buffers memory os.memory.buffers
cached memory os.memory.cached
dirty memory os.memory.dirty
free memory
inactive memory os.memory.inactive
mapped memory os.memory.mapped
pageTables memory os.memory.pageTables
slab memory os.memory.slab
total memory
writeback memory os.memory.writeback
idle cpuUtilization os.cpuUtilization.idle
system cpuUtilization os.cpuUtilization.system
total cpuUtilization
user cpuUtilization os.cpuUtilization.user
wait cpuUtilization os.cpuUtilization.wait
one loadAverageMinute
fifteen loadAverageMinute os.loadAverageMinute.fifteen
five loadAverageMinute os.loadAverageMinute.five
cached swap os.swap.cached
free swap
in swap
out swap os.swap.out
total swap
rx network
tx network
numVCPUs general os.general.numVCPUs