ErrorDetail - Amazon EKS
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An object representing an error when an asynchronous operation fails.



A brief description of the error.

  • SubnetNotFound: We couldn't find one of the subnets associated with the cluster.

  • SecurityGroupNotFound: We couldn't find one of the security groups associated with the cluster.

  • EniLimitReached: You have reached the elastic network interface limit for your account.

  • IpNotAvailable: A subnet associated with the cluster doesn't have any free IP addresses.

  • AccessDenied: You don't have permissions to perform the specified operation.

  • OperationNotPermitted: The service role associated with the cluster doesn't have the required access permissions for Amazon EKS.

  • VpcIdNotFound: We couldn't find the VPC associated with the cluster.

Type: String

Valid Values: SubnetNotFound | SecurityGroupNotFound | EniLimitReached | IpNotAvailable | AccessDenied | OperationNotPermitted | VpcIdNotFound | Unknown | NodeCreationFailure | PodEvictionFailure | InsufficientFreeAddresses | ClusterUnreachable | InsufficientNumberOfReplicas | ConfigurationConflict | AdmissionRequestDenied | UnsupportedAddonModification | K8sResourceNotFound

Required: No


A more complete description of the error.

Type: String

Required: No


An optional field that contains the resource IDs associated with the error.

Type: Array of strings

Required: No

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