Bottlerocket compliance support - Amazon EKS
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Bottlerocket compliance support

Bottlerocket complies with recommendations defined by various organizations:

  • There is a CIS Benchmark defined for Bottlerocket. In a default configuration, Bottlerocket image has most of the controls required by CIS Level 1 configuration profile. You can implement the controls required for a CIS Level 2 configuration profile. For more information, see Validating Amazon EKS optimized Bottlerocket AMI against the CIS Benchmark on the Amazon blog.

  • The optimized feature set and reduced attack surface means that Bottlerocket instances require less configuration to satisfy PCI DSS requirements. The CIS Benchmark for Bottlerocket is an excellent resource for hardening guidance, and supports your requirements for secure configuration standards under PCI DSS requirement 2.2. You can also leverage Fluent Bit to support your requirements for operating system level audit logging under PCI DSS requirement 10.2. Amazon publishes new (patched) Bottlerocket instances periodically to help you meet PCI DSS requirement 6.2 (for v3.2.1) and requirement 6.3.3 (for v4.0).

  • Bottlerocket is an HIPAA-eligible feature authorized for use with regulated workloads for both Amazon EC2 and Amazon EKS. For more information, see the Architecting for HIPAA Security and Compliance on Amazon EKS whitepaper.