Configuring DL1 for your custom Amazon Linux 2 AMI - Amazon EKS
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Configuring DL1 for your custom Amazon Linux 2 AMI

Custom Amazon Linux 2 AMIs in Amazon EKS can support deep learning workloads at scale through additional configuration and Kubernetes add-ons. This document describes the components required to set up a generic Kubernetes solution for an on-premise setup or as a baseline in a larger cloud configuration. To support this function, you will have to perform the following steps in your custom environment:

  • SynapaseAI® Software drivers loaded on the system – These are included in the AMIs available on Github.

    The Habana device plugin -- A Daemonset that allows you to automatically enable the registration of Habana devices in your Kubernetes cluster and track device health.

  • Helm 3.x

  • Helm chart to install MPI Operator.

  • MPI Operator

  1. Create and launch a base AMI from Amazon Linux 2, Ubuntu 18, or Ubuntu 20.

  2. Follow these instructions to set up the environment for DL1.