Amazon EKS optimized Windows AMI - Amazon EKS
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Amazon EKS optimized Windows AMI

You can use Amazon EC2 Image Builder to create custom Amazon EKS optimized Windows AMIs. You must create your own Image Builder recipe. For more information, see Create image recipes and versions in the EC2 Image Builder User Guide. When creating a recipe and selecting a Source image, you have the following options:

  • Select managed images – If you select this option, you can choose one of the following options for Image origin.

    • Quick start (Amazon-managed) – In the Image name dropdown, select an Amazon EKS supported Windows Server version.

    • Images owned by me – For Image name, select the ARN of your own image with your own license. The image that you provide can't already have Amazon EKS components installed.

  • Enter custom AMI ID – For AMI ID, enter the ID for your AMI with your own license. The image that you provide can't already have Amazon EKS components installed.

In the search box under Build components - Windows, select Amazon-managed in the dropdown list and then search on eks. Select the eks-optimized-ami-windows search result, even though the result returned may not be the version that you want. Under Selected components, select Versioning options, then select Specify component version. Enter version.x, replacing version with a supported Kubernetes version. If you enter 1.25.x as the component version, your Image Builder pipeline builds an AMI with the latest 1.25.x kubelet version.

To determine which kubelet and Docker versions are installed with the component, select Components in the left navigation. Under Components, change Owned by me to Quick start (Amazon-managed). In the Find components by name box, enter eks. The search results show the kubelet and Docker version in the component returned for each supported Kubernetes version. The components go through functional testing on the Amazon EKS supported Windows versions. Any other Windows versions are not supported and might not be compatible with the component.

Also include the update-windows component for the latest Windows patches for the operating system.