Detect threats with Amazon GuardDuty - Amazon EKS
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Detect threats with Amazon GuardDuty

Amazon GuardDuty is a threat detection service that helps protect you accounts, containers, workloads, and the data with your Amazon environment. Using machine learning (ML) models, and anomaly and threat detection capabilities, GuardDuty continuously monitors different log sources and runtime activity to identify and prioritize potential security risks and malicious activities in your environment.

Among other features, GuardDuty offers the following two features that detect potential threats to your EKS clusters: EKS Protection and Runtime Monitoring.

EKS Protection

This feature provides threat detection coverage to help you protect Amazon EKS clusters by monitoring the associated Kubernetes audit logs. Kubernetes audit logs capture sequential actions within your cluster, including activities from users, applications using the Kubernetes API, and the control plane. For example, GuardDuty can identify that APIs called to potentially tamper with resources in a Kubernetes cluster were invoked by an unauthenticated user.

When you enable EKS Protection, GuardDuty will be able to access your Amazon EKS audit logs only for continuous threat detection. If GuardDuty identifies a potential threat to your cluster, it generates an associated Kubernetes audit log finding of a specific type. For more information about the types of findings available from Kubernetes audit logs, see Kubernetes audit logs finding types in the Amazon GuardDuty User Guide.

For more information, see EKS Protection in the Amazon GuardDuty User Guide.

Runtime Monitoring

This feature monitors and analyzes operating system-level, networking, and file events to help you detect potential threats in specific Amazon workloads in your environment.

When you enable Runtime Monitoring and install the GuardDuty agent in your Amazon EKS clusters, GuardDuty starts monitoring the runtime events associated with this cluster. If GuardDuty identifies a potential threat to your cluster, it generates an associated Runtime Monitoring finding. For example, a threat can potentially start by compromising a single container that runs a vulnerable web application. This web application might have access permissions to the underlying containers and workloads. In this scenario, incorrectly configured credentials could potentially lead to a broader access to the account, and the data stored within it.

To configure Runtime Monitoring, you install the GuardDuty agent to your cluster as an Amazon EKS add-on. For more information the add-on, see Available Amazon EKS add-ons from Amazon EKS.

For more information, see Runtime Monitoring in the Amazon GuardDuty User Guide.