Related projects - Amazon EKS
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Related projects

These open-source projects extend the functionality of Kubernetes clusters running on or outside of Amazon, including clusters managed by Amazon EKS.

Related management tools for Amazon EKS and Kubernetes clusters.

eksctl is a simple CLI tool for creating clusters on Amazon EKS.

With Amazon Controllers for Kubernetes, you can create and manage Amazon resources directly from your Kubernetes cluster.

Flux is a tool that you can use to manage your cluster configuration using Git. It uses an operator in the cluster to trigger deployments inside of Kubernetes. For more information about operators, see on GitHub.

With the CDK for Kubernetes (cdk8s), you can define Kubernetes apps and components using familiar programming languages. cdk8s apps synthesize into standard Kubernetes manifests, which can be applied to any Kubernetes cluster.

Related networking projects for Amazon EKS and Kubernetes clusters.

Amazon EKS supports native VPC networking through the Amazon VPC CNI plugin for Kubernetes. The plugin assigns an IP address from your VPC to each Pod.

The Amazon Load Balancer Controller helps manage Amazon Elastic Load Balancers for a Kubernetes cluster. It satisfies Kubernetes Ingress resources by provisioning Amazon Application Load Balancers. It satisfies Kubernetes service resources by provisioning Amazon Network Load Balancers.

ExternalDNS synchronizes exposed Kubernetes services and ingresses with DNS providers including Amazon Route 53 and Amazon Service Discovery.

The App Mesh Controller for Kubernetes helps to manage App Mesh for your cluster. With the controller, you can manage the service mesh using custom resources within your cluster. The controller manages the injection of networking proxy sidecars to Pods to enable the mesh.

Related security projects for Amazon EKS and Kubernetes clusters.

A tool to use Amazon IAM credentials to authenticate to a Kubernetes cluster if you're not using the Amazon CLI version 1.16.156 or higher. For more information, see Installing aws-iam-authenticator.

Related machine learning projects for Amazon EKS and Kubernetes clusters.

A machine learning toolkit for Kubernetes.

Related auto scaling projects for Amazon EKS and Kubernetes clusters.

Cluster Autoscaler is a tool that automatically adjusts the size of the Kubernetes cluster based on CPU and memory pressure.

Escalator is a batch or job optimized horizontal autoscaler for Kubernetes.

Related monitoring projects for Amazon EKS and Kubernetes clusters.

Prometheus is an open-source systems monitoring and alerting toolkit.

Related CI/CD projects for Amazon EKS and Kubernetes clusters.

CI/CD solution for modern cloud applications on Amazon EKS and Kubernetes clusters.