AWS Elastic Beanstalk
Developer Guide
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Troubleshooting Docker Containers

Event: Failed to pull Docker image :latest: Invalid repository name (), only [a-z0-9-_.] are allowed. Tail the logs for more details.

Check the syntax of the file using a JSON validator. Also verify the dockerfile contents against the requirements described in Single Container Docker Configuration

Event: No EXPOSE directive found in Dockerfile, abort deployment

The Dockerfile or the file does not declare the container port. Use the EXPOSE instruction (Dockerfile) or Ports block ( file) to expose a port for incoming traffic.

Event: Failed to download authentication credentials repository from bucket name

The provides an invalid EC2 key pair and/or S3 bucket for the .dockercfg file. Or, the instance profile does not have GetObject authorization for the S3 bucket. Verify that the .dockercfg file contains a valid S3 bucket and EC2 key pair. Grant permissions for the action s3:GetObject to the IAM role in the instance profile. For details, go to Managing Elastic Beanstalk Instance Profiles

Event: Activity execution failed, because: WARNING: Invalid auth configuration file

Your authentication file (config.json) is not formatted correctly. See Using Images From a Private Repository