Running jobs from the Amazon CLI - Amazon EMR
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Running jobs from the Amazon CLI

You can create, describe, and delete individual jobs on the Amazon CLI. You can also list all of your jobs to view them at a glance.

To submit a new job, use start-job-run. Provide the ID of the application that you want to run, along with job-specific properties. For Spark examples, see Spark jobs. For Hive examples, see Hive jobs. This command returns your application-id, ARN, and new job-id.

Each job run has a set timeout duration. If the job run exceeds this duration, EMR Serverless will automatically cancel it. The default timeout is 12 hours. When you start your job run, you can configure this timeout setting to a value that meets your job requirements. Configure the value with the executionTimeoutMinutes property.

aws emr-serverless start-job-run \ --application-id application-id \ --execution-role-arn job-role-arn \ --execution-timeout-minutes 15 \ --job-driver '{ "hive": { "query": "s3://DOC-EXAMPLE-BUCKET/scripts/create_table.sql", "parameters": "--hiveconf hive.exec.scratchdir=s3://DOC-EXAMPLE-BUCKET/hive/scratch --hiveconf hive.metastore.warehouse.dir=s3://DOC-EXAMPLE-BUCKET/hive/warehouse" } }' \ --configuration-overrides '{ "applicationConfiguration": [{ "classification": "hive-site", "properties": { "hive.client.cores": "2", "hive.client.memory": "4GIB" } }] }'

To describe a job, use get-job-run. This command returns job-specific configurations and the set capacity for your new job.

aws emr-serverless get-job-run \ --job-run-id job-id \ --application-id application-id

To list your jobs, use list-job-runs. This command returns an abbreviated set of properties that includes job type, state, and other high-level attributes. If you don't want to see all of your jobs, you can specify the maximum number of jobs you want to see, up to 50. The following example specifies that you want to see your two last job runs.

aws emr-serverless list-job-runs \ --max-results 2 \ --application-id application-id

To cancel a job, use cancel-job-run. Provide the application-id and the job-id of the job that you want to cancel.

aws emr-serverless cancel-job-run \ --job-run-id job-id \ --application-id application-id

For more information on how to run jobs from the Amazon CLI, see the EMR Serverless API Reference.