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A cluster terminates with an INTERNAL_ERROR_EC2_INSUFFICIENT_CAPACITY_AZ error when the selected Availability Zone doesn't have enough capacity to fulfill your Amazon EC2 instance type request. The subnet that you select for a cluster determines the Availability Zone. For more information about subnets for Amazon EMR, see Configure networking.


To resolve this error, modify your instance type configurations and create a new cluster with your updated request.

To troubleshoot the failed EMR cluster, refer to the ErrorDetail information returned from the DescribeCluster and ListClusters APIs. For more information, see Error codes with ErrorDetail information. The ErrorData array within ErrorDetail returns the following information for this error code:


The instance type that is out of capacity.


The Availability Zone that your subnet resolves to.


The public URL of the documentation for the error code.

Steps to complete

Perform the following steps to identify and fix the root cause of the cluster configuration error: