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A cluster terminates with a VALIDATION_ERROR_INSTANCE_TYPE_NOT_SUPPORTED error when the Amazon Web Services Region and Availability Zones for your cluster don't support the specified instance type for one or more instance groups. Amazon EMR might support an instance type in one Availability Zone within a Region but not another. The subnet that you select for a cluster determines the Availability Zone within the Region. For a list of instance types and Regions that Amazon EMR supports, see Supported instance types.


To resolve this error, specify instance types for your cluster that Amazon EMR supports in the Region and Availability Zone where you request the cluster.

To troubleshoot the failed EMR cluster, refer to the ErrorDetail information returned from the DescribeCluster and ListClusters APIs. For more information, see Error codes with ErrorDetail information. The ErrorData array within ErrorDetail returns the following information for this error code:


The list of unsupported instance types.


The list of Availability Zones that your subnet resolves to.


The public URL of the documentation for the error code.

Steps to complete

Perform the following steps to identify and fix the error:

  1. Use the Amazon CLI to retrieve the available instance types in an Availability Zone. To do this, you can use the ec2 describe-instance-type-offerings command to filter available instance types by location (Amazon Web Services Region or Availability Zone). For example, the following command returns the instance types that are offered in the specified AZ, us-east-2a.

    aws ec2 describe-instance-type-offerings --location-type "availability-zone" --filters Name=location,Values=us-east-2a --region us-east-2 --query "InstanceTypeOfferings[*].[InstanceType]" --output text | sort

    To learn more about how to discover available instance types, see Find an Amazon EC2 instance type.

  2. After you determine the instance types that are available in the same Region and Availability Zone as the cluster, choose one of the following resolutions to continue:

    1. Create a new cluster, and choose a subnet for the cluster that is in an Availability Zone where the instance type that you selected is available and supported by Amazon EMR.

    2. Create a new cluster in the same Region and Amazon EC2 subnet as the cluster that failed, but with an instance type that is supported in that location by Amazon EMR.

For a list of instance types and Regions that Amazon EMR supports, see Supported instance types. To compare the capabilities of the instance types, see Amazon EC2 instance types.