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When your cluster and the security groups that you assign to your cluster belong to different virtual private clouds (VPCs), the cluster terminates with a VALIDATION_ERROR_SECURITY_GROUP_NOT_FROM_ONE_VPC error. For more information about security groups, see Specifying Amazon EMR-managed and additional security groups and Control network traffic with security groups.


To resolve this error, use security groups that belong to the same VPC as the cluster.

To troubleshoot the failed EMR cluster, refer to the ErrorDetail information returned from the DescribeCluster and ListClusters APIs. For more information, see Error codes with ErrorDetail information. The ErrorData array within ErrorDetail returns the following information for this error code:


For each security-group:VPC pair, the ID for the VPC that the security group belongs to.


For each security-group:VPC pair, the ID for the security group.


The public URL of the documentation for the error code.

Steps to complete

Perform the following steps to identify and fix the error:

  1. Review the security group IDs that are listed in the ErrorData array and confirm that they belong to the VPC where you want to launch the EMR cluster.

  2. Navigate to the Amazon VPC Console. Choose Security groups to list all of the security groups within the Region that you select. Find the security groups from the same VPC as your cluster, and then modify your security group configuration.

  3. Launch a new cluster with security groups from the same VPC as the cluster.