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If you get an EC2 QUOTA EXCEEDED message, there may be several causes. Depending on configuration differences, it may take up to 5-20 minutes for previous clusters to terminate and release allocated resources. If you are getting an EC2 QUOTA EXCEEDED error when you attempt to launch a cluster, it may be because resources from a recently terminated cluster have not yet been released. This message can also be caused by the resizing of an instance group or instance fleet to a target size that is greater than the current instance quota for the account. This can happen manually or automatically through automatic scaling.

Consider the following options to resolve the issue:

  • Follow the instructions in Amazon service quotas in the Amazon Web Services General Reference to request a service limit increase. For some APIs, setting up a CloudWatch event might be a better option than increasing limits. For more details, see When to set up EMR events in CloudWatch.

  • If one or more running clusters are not at capacity, resize instance groups or reduce target capacities on instance fleets for running clusters.

  • Create clusters with fewer EC2 instances or reduced target capacity.