Allow users and groups to create and modify roles - Amazon EMR
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Allow users and groups to create and modify roles

IAM principals (users and groups) who create, modify, and specify roles for a cluster, including default roles, must be allowed to perform the following actions. For details about each action, see Actions in the IAM API Reference.

  • iam:CreateRole

  • iam:PutRolePolicy

  • iam:CreateInstanceProfile

  • iam:AddRoleToInstanceProfile

  • iam:ListRoles

  • iam:GetPolicy

  • iam:GetInstanceProfile

  • iam:GetPolicyVersion

  • iam:AttachRolePolicy

  • iam:PassRole

The iam:PassRole permission allows cluster creation. The remaining permissions allow the creation of the default roles.

For information about assigning permissions to a user, see Changing permissions for a user in the IAM User Guide.