Supported applications - Amazon EMR
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Supported applications

Within an EMR cluster, Kerberos principals are the big data application services and subsystems that run on all cluster nodes. Amazon EMR can configure the applications and components listed below to use Kerberos. Each application has a Kerberos user principal associated with it.

Amazon EMR does not support cross-realm trusts with Amazon Directory Service for Microsoft Active Directory.

Amazon EMR only configures the open-source Kerberos authentication features for the applications and components listed below. Any other applications installed are not Kerberized, which can result in an inability to communicate with Kerberized components and cause application errors. Applications and components that are not Kerberized do not have authentication enabled. Supported applications and components may vary by Amazon EMR release version.

The Livy user interface is the only web user interface hosted on the cluster that is Kerberized.

  • Hadoop MapReduce

  • Hbase

  • HCatalog

  • HDFS

  • Hive

    • Do not enable Hive with LDAP authentication. This may cause issues communicating with Kerberized YARN.

  • Hue

    • Hue user authentication isn't set automatically and can be configured using the configuration API.

    • Hue server is Kerberized. The Hue front-end (UI) is not configured for authentication. LDAP authentication can be configured for the Hue UI.

  • Livy

    • Livy impersonation with Kerberized clusters is supported in Amazon EMR release version 5.22.0 and later.

  • Oozie

  • Phoenix

  • Spark

  • Tez

  • YARN

  • Zeppelin

    • Zeppelin is only configured to use Kerberos with the Spark interpreter. It is not configured for other interpreters.

    • User impersonation is not supported for Kerberized Zeppelin interpreters other than Spark.

  • Zookeeper

    • Zookeeper client is not supported.