EMR clusters on Amazon Local Zones - Amazon EMR
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EMR clusters on Amazon Local Zones

Beginning with Amazon EMR version 5.28.0, you can create and run Amazon EMR clusters on an Amazon Local Zones subnet as a logical extension of an Amazon Region that supports Local Zones. A Local Zone enables Amazon EMR features and a subset of Amazon services, like compute and storage services, to be located closer to users to provide very low latency access to applications running locally. For a list of available Local Zones, see Amazon Local Zones. For information about accessing available Amazon Local Zones, see Regions, Availability Zones, and local zones.

Supported instance types

The following instance types are available for Amazon EMR clusters on Local Zones. Instance type availability may vary by Region.

Instance class Instance types
General purpose m5.xlarge | m5.2xlarge | m5.4xlarge | m5.12xlarge | m5.24xlarge | m5d.xlarge | m5d.2xlarge | m5d.4xlarge | m5d.12xlarge | m5d.24xlarge
Compute-optimized c5.xlarge | c5.2xlarge | c5.4xlarge | c5.9xlarge | c5.18xlarge | c5d.xlarge | c5d.2xlarge | c5d.4xlarge| c5d.9xlarge | c5d.18xlarge
Memory-optimized r5.xlarge | r5.2xlarge | r5.4xlarge | r5.12xlarge | r5d.xlarge | r5d.2xlarge | r5d.4xlarge | r5d.12xlarge | r5d.24xlarge
Storage-optimized i3en.xlarge | i3en.2xlarge | i3en.3xlarge | i3en.6xlarge | i3en.12xlarge | i3en.24xlarge

Creating an Amazon EMR cluster on Local Zones

Create an Amazon EMR cluster on Amazon Local Zones by launching the Amazon EMR cluster into an Amazon VPC subnet that is associated with a Local Zone. You can access the cluster using the Local Zone name, such as us-west-2-lax-1a in the US West (Oregon) Console.

Local Zones don't currently support Amazon EMR Notebooks or connections directly to Amazon EMR using interface VPC endpoint (Amazon PrivateLink).

To create an EMR cluster on a Local Zone using the Amazon EMR console

To create a new Amazon EMR cluster on Local Zones with the Amazon Web Services Management Console, specify an Amazon EC2 subnet that is associated with your Local Zone.

  1. Open the Amazon EMR console.

  2. Choose Create cluster.

  3. Choose Go to advanced options.

  4. Under Software Configuration, for Release, choose 5.28.0 or later.

  5. Under Hardware Configuration, for EC2 Subnet, select an EC2 subnet with a Local Zone ID in this format: subnet 123abc | us-west-2-lax-1a.

  6. Add Amazon EBS storage volumes for uniform instance groups or instance fleets and choose an instance type.

To create an Amazon EMR cluster on a Local Zone using the Amazon CLI

Use the create-cluster command, along with the SubnetId for the Local Zone as shown in the following example. Replace subnet-22XXXX1234567 with the Local Zone SubnetId and replace other options as necessary. For more information, see https://docs.amazonaws.cn/cli/latest/reference/emr/create-cluster.html.

aws emr create-cluster \ --name "Local Zones cluster" \ --release-label emr-5.29.0 \ --applications Name=Spark \ --ec2-attributes KeyName=myKey,SubnetId=subnet-22XXXX1234567 \ --instance-type m5.xlarge --instance-count 3 --use-default-roles