Known issues - Amazon EMR
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Known issues

Known Issues

There is a known issue within Amazon EMR release 5.32 in which the permissions for hive-site.xml was changed so that only privileged users can read it as there may be credentials stored within it. This could prevent Hue from reading hive-site.xml and cause webpages to continuously reload. If you experience this issue, add the following configuration to fix the issue:

[ { "Classification": "hue-ini", "Properties": {}, "Configurations": [ { "Classification": "desktop", "Properties": { "server_group":"hive_site_reader" }, "Configurations":[ ] } ] } ]

There is a known issue that the EMRFS S3 plugin for Apache Ranger currently does not support Apache Ranger’s Security Zone feature. Access control restrictions defined using the Security Zone feature are not applied on your Amazon EMR clusters.

Application UIs

By default, Application UI's do not perform authentication. This includes the ResourceManager UI, NodeManager UI, Livy UI, among others. In addition, any user that has the ability to access the UIs is able to view information about all other users' jobs.

If this behavior is not desired, you should ensure that a security group is used to restrict access to the application UIs by users.

HDFS Default Permissions

By default, the objects that users create in HDFS are given world readable permissions. This can potentially cause data readable by users that should not have access to it. To change this behavior such that the default file permissions are set to read and write only by the creator of the job, perform these steps.

When creating your EMR cluster, provide the following configuration:

[ { "Classification": "hdfs-site", "Properties": { "dfs.namenode.acls.enabled": "true", "fs.permissions.umask-mode": "077", "dfs.permissions.superusergroup": "hdfsadmingroup" } } ]

In addition, run the following bootstrap action:

--bootstrap-actions Name='HDFS UMask Setup',Path=s3://elasticmapreduce/hdfs/umask/