Queries are unexpectedly failing - Amazon EMR
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Queries are unexpectedly failing

Check Apache Ranger plugin logs (Apache Hive, EMR RecordServer, EMR SecretAgent, etc., logs)

This section is common across all applications that integrate with the Ranger plugin, such as Apache Hive, EMR Record Server, and EMR SecretAgent.

Common Error Messages

Error message Cause

ERROR PolicyRefresher:272 - [] PolicyRefresher(serviceName=policy-repository): failed to find service. Will clean up local cache of policies (-1)

This error messages means that the service name you provided in the EMR security configuration does not match a service policy repository in the Ranger Admin server.

If within Ranger Admin server your AMAZON-EMR-SPARK service looks like the following, then you should enter amazonemrspark as the service name.

					Ranger Admin server showing AMAZON-EMR-SPARK troubleshooting.