Amazon EMR service ports - Amazon EMR
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Amazon EMR service ports


The following are interfaces and service ports for components on Amazon EMR. This is not a complete list of service ports. Non-default services, such as SSL ports and different types of protocols, are not listed.


Use caution when you edit security group rules to open ports. Be sure to add rules that only allow traffic from trusted and authenticated clients for the protocols and ports that are required to run your workloads.

Component Service description Service running by default Port Configuration key
Hadoop HTTP KMS REST API Yes 9600 hadoop.kms.http.port
HDFS Namenode Web UI Yes 9870 dfs.namenode.http-address
Namenode RPC Yes 8020 dfs.namenode.rpc-address
DataNode Web UI Yes 9864 dfs.datanode.http.address
Datanode HTTP for data transfer Yes 9866 dfs.datanode.address
Datanode RPC for data transfer Yes 9867 dfs.datanode.ipc.address
Hive HiveServer2 Thrift Yes 10000 hive.server2.thrift.port
HiveServer2 HTTP No 10001 hive.server2.thrift.http.port
HiveServer2 Web UI Yes 10002 hive.server2.webui.port
Hive Metastore Yes 9083 hive.metastore.port / metastore.thrift.port
WebHCat No 50111 templeton.port
LLAP daemon management service (RPC) No 15004
YARN shuffle port for LLAP-daemon-hosted shuffle No 15551 hive.llap.daemon.yarn.shuffle.port
The LLAP daemon RPC No Dynamic hive.llap.daemon.rpc.port
LLAP daemon Web UI No 15002 hive.llap.daemon.web.port
LLAP daemon output service No 15003 hive.llap.daemon.output.service.port
Oozie Yes 11000
Tez Tez UI Yes 8080
YARN Shuffle Yes 13562 mapreduce.shuffle.port
Localizer RPC Yes 8040 yarn.nodemanager.localizer.address
Yes 8041
NM Webapp address Yes 8042 yarn.nodemanager.webapp.address
RM web application Yes 8088 yarn.resourcemanager.webapp.address
Yes 8025
Scheduler Yes 8030 yarn.resourcemanager.scheduler.address
applications manager interface Yes 8032 yarn.resourcemanager.address
RM admin interface Yes 8033 yarn.resourcemanager.admin.address
JobHistory Server Web UI Yes 19888 mapreduce.jobhistory.webapp.address
JobHistory Server Admin Web UI Yes 10033 mapreduce.jobhistory.admin.address
JobHistory Server (RPC) Yes 10020 mapreduce.jobhistory.address
Application Timeline Server (RPC) Yes 10200 yarn.timeline-service.address
Application Timeline Server HTTP Web UI Yes 8188 yarn.timeline-service.webapp.address
Application Timeline Server HTTPS Web UI No 8190 yarn.timeline-service.webapp.https.address
Yes 20888
Zookeeper Client port Yes 2181
Yes 37301
Yes 8341