Configure Workspace collaboration - Amazon EMR
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Configure Workspace collaboration

Workspace collaboration lets you write and run notebook code simultaneously with other members of your team. When you work in the same notebook file, you'll see changes as your collaborators make them. You can enable collaboration when you create a Workspace, or switch collaboration on and off in an existing Workspace.


EMR Studio Workspace collaboration isn't supported with EMR Serverless interactive applications or if trusted identity propagation is enabled.


Before you configure collaboration for a Workspace, make sure you complete the following tasks:

  • Ensure that your EMR Studio admin has given you the necessary permissions. For example, the following statement allows a user to configure collaboration for any Workspace with the tag key creatorUserId whose value matches the user's ID (indicated by the policy variable aws:userId).

    { "Sid": "UserRolePermissionsForCollaboration", "Action": [ "elasticmapreduce:UpdateEditor", "elasticmapreduce:PutWorkspaceAccess", "elasticmapreduce:DeleteWorkspaceAccess", "elasticmapreduce:ListWorkspaceAccessIdentities" ], "Resource": "*", "Effect": "Allow", "Condition": { "StringEquals": { "elasticmapreduce:ResourceTag/creatorUserId": "${aws:userid}" } } }
  • Ensure that the service role associated with your EMR Studio has the permissions required to enable and configure Workspace collaboration, as in the following example statement.

    { "Sid": "AllowWorkspaceCollaboration", "Effect": "Allow", "Action": [ "iam:GetUser", "iam:GetRole", "iam:ListUsers", "iam:ListRoles", "sso:GetManagedApplicationInstance", "sso-directory:SearchUsers" ], "Resource": "*" }

    For more information, see Create an EMR Studio service role.

To enable Workspace collaboration and add collaborators
  1. In your Workspace, choose the Collaboration icon from the Launcher screen or the bottom of the left panel.


    You won't see the Collaboration panel unless your Studio administator has given you permission to configure collaboration for the Workspace. For more information, see Set ownership for Workspace collaboration.

  2. Make sure the Allow Workspace collaboration toggle is in the on position. When you enable collaboration, only you and the collaborators that you add can see the Workspace in the list on the Studio Workspaces page.

  3. Enter a Collaborator name. Your Workspace can have a maximum of five collaborators including yourself. A collaborator can be any user with access to your EMR Studio. If you don't enter a collaborator, the Workspace is a private Workspace that is only accessible to you.

    The following table specifies the applicable collaborator values to enter based on the identity type of the owner.


    An owner can only invite collaborators with the same identity type. For example, a user can only add other a users, and an IAM Identity Center user can only add other IAM Identity Center users.

    Authentication mode Value to enter for Collaborator name
    IAM authentication a username. This is the name that a user sees when logged in to the Amazon Web Services Management Console.
    IAM federation

    The name of an IAM role and an optional session name.

    To add all of the federated users who assume the same IAM role, specify the name of an IAM role for federation.

    To add a single user as a collaborator, specify a role and session name. For example, MyRoleName:MySessionName.

    SSO An IAM Identity Center user name like
  4. Choose Add. The collaborator can now see the Workspace on their EMR Studio Workspaces page, and launch the Workspace to use it in real time with you.


If you disable Workspace collaboration, the Workspace returns to its shared state and can be seen by all Studio users. In the shared state, only one Studio user can open and work in the Workspace at a time.