LDAP components for Amazon EMR - Amazon EMR
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LDAP components for Amazon EMR

You can use your LDAP server to authenticate with Amazon EMR and any applications that the user directly utilizes on the EMR cluster through the following components.

Secret Agent

The Secret Agent is an on-cluster process that authenticates all user requests. The Secret Agent creates the user bind to your LDAP server on behalf of the supported applications on the EMR cluster. The Secret Agent runs as the emrsecretagent user, and it writes logs to the /emr/secretagent/log directory. These logs provide details about the state of each user's authentication request and any errors that might surface during user authentication.

System Security Services Daemon (SSSD)

SSSD is a daemon that runs on each node of an LDAP-enabled EMR cluster. SSSD creates and manages a UNIX user to sync your remote corporate identity to each node. YARN-based applications such as Hive and Spark require that a local UNIX user exists on every node that runs a query for a user.