Create an EMR cluster that uses Amazon CloudWatch agent - Amazon EMR
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Create an EMR cluster that uses Amazon CloudWatch agent

The procedures in this section describe the steps to create a cluster in Amazon EMR with Amazon CloudWatch agent from the Amazon Web Services Management Console and the Amazon CLI.

Required IAM permissions for CloudWatch agent

The CloudWatch agent requires the Amazon Identity and Access Management (IAM) cloudwatch:PutMetricData permission in the Amazon EC2 instance profile for Amazon EMR. The Amazon EMR default role already has this permission. You can create the default role from the Amazon CLI with aws emr create-default-roles. For more information, see Service role for cluster EC2 instances (EC2 instance profile) in the Amazon EMR Management Guide.

The following example IAM policy includes the cloudwatch:PutMetricData permission:

{ "Version": "2012-10-17", "Statement": [ { "Effect": "Allow", "Action": "cloudwatch:PutMetricData", "Resource": "*" } ] }

Required CloudWatch agent endpoint

To publish metrics to CloudWatch for an EMR cluster in a private subnet, create a CloudWatch agent endpoint and associate with the VPC that the private subnet is in.

For more information about the CloudWatch endpoints for each Amazon Web Services Region, see Amazon CloudWatch endpoints and quotas in the Amazon General Reference Guide.

Create an EMR cluster

Once you have set up the required permissions and endpoint for use with the CloudWatch agent, use the Amazon Web Services Management Console or the Amazon CLI to create a new cluster with the agent installed.

To create a cluster with Amazon CloudWatch agent from the console
  1. Navigate to the Amazon EMR console.

  2. Choose Create cluster.

  3. Under Name and applications, choose an Amazon EMR release of 7.0.0 or higher.

  4. Under Application bundle, select the bundle or apps that you want to install to your cluster, and include CloudWatch agent with your selections.

  5. Proceed to create the cluster to serve your use case needs.

Amazon CLI

In the Amazon CLI, you can add Amazon CloudWatch agent to a cluster with the --applications parameter for create-cluster.

To create a cluster with Amazon CloudWatch agent from the Amazon CLI
  • When you create a cluster, use a command similar to the following to include the Amazon CloudWatch agent. Replace myKey with the name of your EC2 key pair.

    aws emr create-cluster --name "Spark cluster with CloudWatch agent" \ --release-label emr-7.0.0 \ --applications Name=Spark Name=AmazonCloudWatchAgent \ --ec2-attributes KeyName=myKey --instance-type m7g.2xlarge \ --instance-count 3 --use-default-roles

For more details on how to use Amazon EMR with the Amazon CLI, see the Amazon CLI Command Reference.