Amazon EMR 6.6.0 - Hadoop release notes - Amazon EMR
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Amazon EMR 6.6.0 - Hadoop release notes

Amazon EMR 6.6.0 - Hadoop changes

Type Description
Bug Fixed duplicated records when reading BZip2 text files.
Backport HADOOP-18136: Verify FileUtils.unTar() handling of missing .tar files
Backport HADOOP-17627: Backport to branch-3.2 HADOOP-17371, HADOOP-17621, HADOOP-17625 to update Jetty to 9.4.39
Backport HADOOP-17655: Upgrade Jetty to 9.4.40
Backport HADOOP-17796: Upgrade jetty version to 9.4.43
Backport HADOOP-17661: mvn versions:set fails to parse pom.xml
Backport HADOOP-17236: Bump up snakeyaml to 1.26 to mitigate CVE-2017-18640
Backport HADOOP-16717: Remove GenericsUtil isLog4jLogger dependency on Log4jLoggerAdapter
Backport HADOOP-17633: Bump json-smart to 2.4.2 and nimbus-jose-jwt to 9.8 due to CVEs
Backport HADOOP-17844: Upgrade JSON smart to 2.4.7
Backport HADOOP-17972: Backport HADOOP-17683 (Update commons-io to 2.8.0) for branch-3.2
Backport HADOOP-16555: Update commons-compress to 1.19
Backport HADOOP-17370: Upgrade commons-compress to 1.21
Backport HADOOP-17096: Fix ZStandardCompressor input buffer offset
Backport HADOOP-17112: Whitespace not allowed in paths when saving files to s3a via committer
Backport HADOOP-13500: Synchronizing iteration of Configuration properties object
Backport HDFS-14099: Unknown frame descriptor when decompressing multiple frames in ZStandardDecompressor
Backport HDFS-16410: Insecure Xml parsing in OfflineEditsXmlLoader
Backport HDFS-14498: LeaseManager can loop forever on the file for which create has failed
Backport HDFS-15290: NPE in HttpServer during NameNode startup
Backport HDFS-15293: Relax the condition for accepting a fsimage when receiving a checkpoint
Backport HDFS-12979: StandbyNode should upload FsImage to ObserverNode after checkpointing
Backport YARN-10538: Add recommissioning nodes to the list of updated nodes returned to the AM
Backport YARN-10472: Backport YARN-10314 (YarnClient throws NoClassDefFoundError for WebSocketException with only shaded client jars) to branch-3.2
Backport YARN-9968: Public Localizer is exiting in NodeManager due to NullPointerException
Backport YARN-10651: CapacityScheduler crashed with NPE in AbstractYarnScheduler.updateNodeResource()
Backport YARN-9339: Apps pending metric incorrect after moving app to a new queue
Backport YARN-10438: Handle null containerId in ClientRMService#getContainerReport()
Backport YARN-7266: ATS 1.5 fails to start if RollingLevelDb files are corrupt or missing
Backport YARN-9063: ATS 1.5 fails to start if RollingLevelDb files are corrupt or missing
Backport YARN-9848: Revert YARN-4946 (RM should not consider an application as COMPLETED when log aggregation is not in a terminal state).