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Amazon EMR 6.10.0 - Hive release notes

Amazon EMR 6.10.0 - Hive changes

Type Description
Feature Enable Amazon Lake Formation based access controls for Apache Hive queries (write) via IAM Passthrough (HiveCLI/Steps API).
Improvement Disable config hive.log.explain.output by default to reduce log size
Backport HIVE-26408: Vectorization: Fix deallocation of scratch columns, don't reuse a child ConstantVectorExpression as an output
Backport HIVE-22269: Fix wrong reducers count in insert queries with dynamic partition due to missing of stats caused by HIVE-20703.
Backport HIVE-22891: Skip PartitionDesc Extraction In CombineHiveRecord For Non-LLAP Execution Mode
Backport HIVE-23804: Add default database for column stats specific tables in Hive metastore schema to make then backward compatible
Backport HIVE-25277: Slow Hive partition deletion for Cloud object stores with expensive ListFiles
Backport HIVE-19202: CBO failed due to NullPointerException in HiveAggregate.isBucketedInput()
Backport HIVE-19048: Fix beeline Initscript errors are ignored
Backport HIVE-21085: Materialized views registry starts non-external tez session
Backport HIVE-21675: CREATE VIEW IF NOT EXISTS returns an error rather than "OK" if the view already exists. This is a regression from Hive 2.
Backport HIVE-21646: Tez: Prevent TezTasks from escaping thread logging context
Backport HIVE-22054: Avoid recursive listing to check if a directory is empty
Backport HIVE-16587: NPE when inserting complex types with nested null values
Backport HIVE-22647: Enable session pool by default
Backport HIVE-13288: Confusing exception message in DagUtils.localizeResource
Backport HIVE-23870: Optimise multiple text conversions in WritableHiveCharObjectInspector.getPrimitiveJavaObject / HiveCharWritable
Backport HIVE-21498: Upgrade Thrift to 0.13.0
Backport HIVE-24378: Leading and trailing spaces are not removed before decimal conversion
Backport HIVE-21341: Sensible defaults : hive.server2.idle.operation.timeout and hive.server2.idle.session.timeout are too high
Backport HIVE-22465: Add ssl conf in TezConfigurationFactory
Backport HIVE-24710: Optimise PTF iteration for count(*) to reduce CPU and IO cost
Backport HIVE-15406: Consider vectorizing the new 'trunc' function
Backport HIVE-21541: Fix missing asf headers from HIVE-15406
Backport HIVE-24808: Cache Parsed Dates
Backport HIVE-24746: PTF: TimestampValueBoundaryScanner can be optimised during range computation
Backport HIVE-25059: Alter event is converted to rename during replication
Backport HIVE-25142: Rehashing in map join fast hash table causing corruption for large keys
Backport HIVE-23756: Added more constraints to the package.jdo file
Backport HIVE-25150: Tab characters are not removed before decimal conversion similar to space character which is fixed as part of HIVE-24378
Backport HIVE-25093: date_format() UDF is returning output in UTC time zone only
Backport HIVE-25268: date_format udf returns wrong results for dates prior to 1900 if the local timezone is other than UTC
Backport HIVE-25338: AIOBE in conv UDF if input is empty
Backport HIVE-22400: UDF minute with time returns NULL
Backport HIVE-25058: PTF: TimestampValueBoundaryScanner can be optimised during range computation pt2 - isDistanceGreater
Backport HIVE-25449: datediff() gives wrong output when run in a tez task with some non-UTC timezone
Backport HIVE-23688: Vectorization: IndexArrayOutOfBoundsException For map type column which includes null value
Backport HIVE-22247: HiveHFileOutputFormat throws FileNotFoundException when partition's task output empty
Backport HIVE-25570: Hive should send full URL path for authorization for the command insert overwrite location
Backport HIVE-22903: Vectorized row_number() resets the row number after one batch in case of constant expression in partition clause
Backport HIVE-25549: Wrong results for window function with expression in PARTITION BY or ORDER BY clause
Backport HIVE-25579: LOAD overwrite appends rather than overwriting
Backport HIVE-25659: Metastore direct sql queries with IN/(NOT IN) should be split based on max parameters allowed by SQL DB
Backport HIVE-20502: Fix NPE while running skewjoin_mapjoin10.q when column stats is used.
Backport HIVE-25765: skip.header.line.count property skips rows of each block in FetchOperator when file size is larger
Bug Fix NPE on insert in certain scenarios when hive.stats.column.autogather and hive.groupby.skewindata are both enabled
Bug Fix NPE when mapred.tasktracker.expiry.interval value is not set