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Amazon EMR 6.8.0 - Hive release notes

Amazon EMR 6.8.0 - Hive changes

Type Description
Improvement Reduce file system calls in msck command. Performance improvements (~15-20x on 10k+ partitions)
Backport HIVE-20678: HiveHBaseTableOutputFormat should implement HiveOutputFormat to ensure compatibility
Backport HIVE-21040: msck does unnecessary file listing at last level of directory tree
Backport HIVE-21460: Load data followed by a select * query results in incorrect results
Backport HIVE-21660: Wrong result when union all and later view with explode is used
Backport HIVE-22505: ClassCastException caused by wrong Vectorized operator selection
Backport HIVE-22513: Constant propagation of casted column in filter ops can cause incorrect results
Backport HIVE-23435: Full outer join result is missing rows
Backport HIVE-24209: Incorrect search argument conversion for NOT BETWEEN operation when vectorization is enabled
Backport HIVE-24934: VectorizedExpressions annotation is not needed in GenericUDFSQCountCheck
Backport HIVE-25278: HiveProjectJoinTransposeRule may do invalid transformations with windowing expressions
Backport HIVE-25505: Incorrect results with header. skip.header.line.count if first line is blank
Backport HIVE-26080: Upgrade accumulo-core to 1.10.1
Backport HIVE-26235: OR Condition on binary column is returning empty result
Bug Fix multiple SLF4J bindings warning logs in stderr during launch
Bug Fix SHOW TABLE EXTENDED query failing with Wrong FS error when partition and table are on different file systems.

Amazon EMR 6.8.0 - Hive known issues

  • With Amazon EMR 6.6.0 through 6.9.x, INSERT queries with dynamic partition and an ORDER BY or SORT BY clause will always have two reducers. This issue is caused by OSS change HIVE-20703, which puts dynamic sort partition optimization under cost-based decision. If your workload doesn't require sorting of dynamic partitions, we recommend that you set the hive.optimize.sort.dynamic.partition.threshold property to -1 to disable the new feature and get the correctly calculated number of reducers. This issue is fixed in OSS Hive as part of HIVE-22269 and is fixed in Amazon EMR 6.10.0.