Amazon EMR 6.15.0 - Tez release notes - Amazon EMR
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Amazon EMR 6.15.0 - Tez release notes

Amazon EMR 6.15.0 - Tez changes

Type Description
Feature TEZ-4397: Open Tez Input splits asynchronously
Upgrade TEZ-4493: Upgrade Apache Hadoop to 3.3.6

Amazon EMR 6.15.0 - Tez features

  • Tez asynchronous split opening – Amazon EMR 6.15.0 introduces configurations that you can specify to asynchronously open the input splits in a Tez grouped split. The feature was initiated by TEZ-4397, but had regressions in OSS Hive. Amazon EMR Hive fixed the regressions and additional bugs in Hive ACID table. This improvement results in faster performance of read queries when there are a large number of input splits in a single Tez grouped split. For more information, see Tez asynchronous split opening.