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Considerations and Regions for Amazon EMR WAL

Considerations for Amazon EMR WAL

The following list describes important considerations and limitations of Amazon EMR WAL:

  • Amazon EMR WAL is available to use with Amazon EMR releases 6.15.0 and higher.

  • Amazon EMR WAL is an opt-in, paid service. You pay for what you use: reads, writes, and data storage. For more information, see Understanding Amazon EMR WAL pricing and metrics and the Amazon EMR pricing page.

  • Amazon EMR WAL uses HBase Write Ahead Log (WAL). To use Amazon EMR WAL, your clusters must use HBase WAL.

  • To enable Amazon EMR WAL when you create a cluster, you must have the required role permissions. For more information, see Using service-linked roles for write-ahead logging.

  • You must enable Amazon EMR WAL when you create the cluster with the Amazon Web Services Management Console, Amazon CLI, or API, and you must use the instance groups configuration. You can't enable Amazon EMR WAL in a running cluster if you didn't create the cluster with Amazon EMR WAL. You also can't edit the hbase-site configurations to enable Amazon EMR WAL in a running cluster.

  • You can only enable Amazon EMR WAL on clusters that use Amazon S3 for the root directory.

  • You can't have multiple active clusters on the same HBase root directory in Amazon S3.

  • You can't enable Amazon EMR WAL on read replica clusters.

  • WAL is replicated across Availability Zones inside the managed service.

  • WAL outlives the the cluster, and remains available for the next cluster.

  • You can't disable Amazon EMR WAL during launch or when your cluster is operational (in a running state).

  • For information on WAL and workspace limits, see Amazon EMR endpoints and quotas.

Region availability for Amazon EMR WAL

Amazon EMR WAL service is available in the following Amazon Web Services Regions:

  • ap-northeast-1 - Asia Pacific (Tokyo)

  • ap-southeast-1 - Asia Pacific (Singapore)

  • ap-south-1 - Asia Pacific (Mumbai)

  • ap-southeast-2 - Asia Pacific (Sydney)

  • eu-central-1 - Europe (Frankfurt)

  • eu-north-1 - Europe (Stockholm)

  • eu-west-1 - Europe (Ireland)

  • us-east-1 - US East (N. Virginia)

  • us-east-2 - US East (Ohio)

  • us-west-2 - US West (Oregon)