Access Amazon EMR WAL through Amazon PrivateLink - Amazon EMR
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Access Amazon EMR WAL through Amazon PrivateLink

If you want to keep your connection within the Amazon network, Amazon EMR WAL offers Amazon PrivateLink support. To set up Amazon PrivateLink, use the Amazon Web Services Management Console or Amazon Command Line Interface (Amazon CLI) to create an interface VPC endpoint that connects to Amazon EMR WAL. For more information, see Access an Amazon service using an interface VPC endpoint in the Amazon PrivateLink Guide.

The basic steps are as follows:

  1. Use the Amazon VPC Console to create a VPC endpoint. Select Endpoints and then Create endpoint.

  2. Keep the Service category as Amazon services.

  3. In the search bar for the Services panel, type emrwal, and then select the service labeled

  4. Select your VPC and save the endpoint. Make sure that you attach the same security groups to the VPC endpoint that you attach to the EMR cluster.

  5. If you want to, you can now enable private DNS hostnames for your new endpoint. Set Enable DNS hostnames and Enable DNS Support to true for your VPC. Then, select your endpoint ID, choose Edit VPC settings from the Actions menu, and enable private DNS names.

    • The private DNS hostnames for the endpoint will follow the format

    • If you don't enable private DNS hostnames, Amazon VPC provides a DNS endpoint name for you in the format

  6. To use your Amazon PrivateLink endpoint, modify the emr.wal.client.endpoint configuration when you create your Amazon EMR WAL enabled cluster as shown in the following example:

    [ { "Classification": "hbase-site", "Properties": { "hbase.rootdir": "s3://MyBucket/MyHBaseStore", "emr.wal.workspace": "customWorkspaceName", "emr.wal.client.endpoint": "" } }, { "Classification": "hbase", "Properties": { "hbase.emr.storageMode": "s3", "hbase.emr.wal.enabled": "true" } } ]

You can also use VPCE policy to allow or restrict access to the Amazon EMR WAL APIs. For more information, see Control access to VPC endpoints using endpoint policies in the Amazon PrivateLink Guide.