Adding Jupyter Notebook users and administrators - Amazon EMR
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Adding Jupyter Notebook users and administrators

You can use one of two methods for users to authenticate to JupyterHub so that they can create notebooks and, optionally, administer JupyterHub. The easiest method is to use JupyterHub's pluggable authentication module (PAM). In addition, JupyterHub on Amazon EMR supports the LDAP authenticator plugin for JupyterHub for obtaining user identities from an LDAP server, such as a Microsoft Active Directory server. Instructions and examples for adding users with each authentication method are provided in this section.

JupyterHub on Amazon EMR has a default user with administrator permissions. The user name is jovyan and the password is jupyter. We strongly recommend that you replace the user with another user who has administrative permissions. You can do this using a step when you create the cluster, or by connecting to the master node when the cluster is running.