Retry logic - Amazon EMR
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Retry logic

EMRFS tries to verify list consistency for objects tracked in its metadata for a specific number of retries. The default is 5. In the case where the number of retries is exceeded the originating job returns a failure unless fs.s3.consistent.throwExceptionOnInconsistency is set to false, where it will only log the objects tracked as inconsistent. EMRFS uses an exponential backoff retry policy by default but you can also set it to a fixed policy. Users may also want to retry for a certain period of time before proceeding with the rest of their job without throwing an exception. They can achieve this by setting fs.s3.consistent.throwExceptionOnInconsistency to false, fs.s3.consistent.retryPolicyType to fixed, and fs.s3.consistent.retryPeriodSeconds for the desired value. The following example creates a cluster with consistency enabled, which logs inconsistencies and sets a fixed retry interval of 10 seconds:

Example Setting retry period to a fixed amount
aws emr create-cluster --release-label emr-7.0.0 \ --instance-type m5.xlarge --instance-count 1 \ --emrfs Consistent=true,Args=[fs.s3.consistent.throwExceptionOnInconsistency=false, fs.s3.consistent.retryPolicyType=fixed,fs.s3.consistent.retryPeriodSeconds=10] --ec2-attributes KeyName=myKey

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For more information, see Consistent view.

EMRFS configurations for IMDS get region calls

EMRFS relies on the IMDS (instance metadata service) to get instance region and Amazon S3, DynamoDB, or Amazon KMS endpoints. However, IMDS has a limit on how many requests it can handle, and requests that exceed that limit will fail. This IMDS limit can cause EMRFS failures to initialize and cause the query or command to fail. You can use the following randomized exponential backoff retry mechanism and a fallback region configuration properties in emrfs-site.xml to address the scenario where all retries fail.

<property> <name>fs.s3.region.retryCount</name> <value>3</value> <description> Maximum retries that would be attempted to get Amazon region. </description> </property> <property> <name>fs.s3.region.retryPeriodSeconds</name> <value>3</value> <description> Base sleep time in second for each get-region retry. </description> </property> <property> <name>fs.s3.region.fallback</name> <value>us-east-1</value> <description> Fallback to this region after maximum retries for getting Amazon region have been reached. </description> </property>