Enable consistent view - Amazon EMR
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Enable consistent view

You can enable Amazon S3 server-side encryption or consistent view for EMRFS using the Amazon Web Services Management Console, Amazon CLI, or the emrfs-site configuration classification.

To configure consistent view using the console
  1. Navigate to the new Amazon EMR console and select Switch to the old console from the side navigation. For more information on what to expect when you switch to the old console, see Using the old console.

  2. Choose Create cluster, Go to advanced options.

  3. Choose settings for Step 1: Software and Steps and Step 2: Hardware.

  4. For Step 3: General Cluster Settings, under Additional Options, choose EMRFS consistent view.

  5. For EMRFS Metadata store, type the name of your metadata store. The default value is EmrFSMetadata. If the EmrFSMetadata table does not exist, it is created for you in DynamoDB.


    Amazon EMR does not automatically remove the EMRFS metadata from DynamoDB when the cluster is terminated.

  6. For Number of retries, type an integer value. If an inconsistency is detected, EMRFS tries to call Amazon S3 this number of times. The default value is 5.

  7. For Retry period (in seconds), type an integer value. This is the amount of time that EMRFS waits between retry attempts. The default value is 10.


    Subsequent retries use an exponential backoff.

To launch a cluster with consistent view enabled using the Amazon CLI

We recommend that you install the current version of Amazon CLI. To download the latest release, see http://www.amazonaws.cn/cli/.

  • Note

    Linux line continuation characters (\) are included for readability. They can be removed or used in Linux commands. For Windows, remove them or replace with a caret (^).

    aws emr create-cluster --instance-type m5.xlarge --instance-count 3 --emrfs Consistent=true \ --release-label emr-7.0.0 --ec2-attributes KeyName=myKey
To check if consistent view is enabled using the Amazon Web Services Management Console
  • To check whether consistent view is enabled in the console, navigate to the Cluster List and select your cluster name to view Cluster Details. The "EMRFS consistent view" field has a value of Enabled or Disabled.

To check if consistent view is enabled by examining the emrfs-site.xml file
  • You can check if consistency is enabled by inspecting the emrfs-site.xml configuration file on the master node of the cluster. If the Boolean value for fs.s3.consistent is set to true then consistent view is enabled for file system operations involving Amazon S3.